Pastels, Prizes and What Pleases a Six-Year-Old

Picture 5.pngSaturday my six-year-old daughter and I checked out the Viewpoint show at the Cincinnati Art Club. I applaud the efforts of the juror, David Pyle, who I know as our group publisher and who wisely chose a pastel for the top award! The painting is an exceptionally skilled self-portrait by Brian Mathas Burt, whose work has also been recognized in the magazine’s Pastel 100 competition. The amusing send-up of self-promotion is called Mention Me, and as you can see, I am doing just that!

I loved the portrait, which is featured on the home page of the artist’s website (shown here), and also loved a pastel trilogy by Ray Hasssard. But my daughter’s favorite piece was a black-and-white mixed-media abstract called Winter Fields. When we talked about the abstract style of expression in the piece, she said “but I can see the trees.” I was thrilled to see her enjoying that sense of discovery that art can provide.

My congratulations to all the 65 artists featured in “Viewpoint 2007” and to the Cincinnati Artist’s Club for another terrific show.

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