Richard McKinley Video Shoot

McKinley_video_shoot2.jpgAs I type, pastel artist and popular workshop instructor Richard McKinley is at our company’s photo studio filming a workshop for the series. Our staff sat in for a bit on this morning’s session to soak up as much of Richard’s pastel savvy as we could.

I was reminded, as he demonstrated on the power of color relationships, of the importance of simultaneous contrast. For some artists, grasping that concept has meant the difference between mediocre work and prizewinning pastels—at least that’s what one of our grand prize winners in the 11th annual Pastel 100 competition, whose name will be revealed in the April 2010 issue, attests.

(For more on simultaneous contrast, read this Pastel Pointers Blog post from a few years back.)

Thanks for coming, Richard!


Top: Richard works on his watercolor underpainting
Above (L-to-R): Richard and myself; Richard and Anne


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One thought on “Richard McKinley Video Shoot

  1. Richard McKinley

    The thank you goes to the wonderful people involved in making the video shoot so enjoyable. What a pleasure to catchup with old Pastel Journal and Artist magazine friends and to meet many I have grown to know through email. You truly are a big family!