Sarah Jessica Parker Shops Art Reality Show

sara_jess_parker1_300_400.jpgRumor has it that Sarah Jessica Parker is pitching a reality show involving visual artists a la Bravo’s Project Runway.

The scoop, according to NY Daily News, is that the program—a collaborative effort by Pretty Matches (Parker’s production company) and Magical Elves (Project Runway, Top Chef)—will include creative challenges between artists across different media and feature a panel of prominent critics. To be fair, I am a fan of Runway, although I never got to see the 2006 series Artstar—which, from what I’ve read, sounds similar. Did anyone catch it? What are your thoughts on reality TV reaching the art world?

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3 thoughts on “Sarah Jessica Parker Shops Art Reality Show

  1. adan lerma

    wow, it’s about time; and even if it doesn’t quite work, it’s an effort and step toward bringing art to people’s everyday life

    i’m all for giving it a shot

    and w/sarah jessica parker involved, could be surprisingly fun

  2. jessica

    Yeah, one of the companies said they’ll make the artists’ challenges accessible to the public so as to erase the notion of the elitist art crowd. I hope it works. Thanks for the comment, Laura.

  3. Laura

    The whole idea of having a reality TV show designed for the artists sounds like a way to getting the public more interested and involved in the visual arts. For the past few years I have been thinking along those lines, but don’t have the connections or means to support my thoughts. The idea may just work.

    Laura Maze
    Marquette, Michigan