Stealth Pastel Reporters

We’re back at F+W Publications headquarters in Cincinnati, but we’ve got ever so much more news from IAPS yet to share. You might be interested to know, for example, that this year’s convention was the biggest ever, with an estimated 600 pastel devotees in attendance. Not only was it the biggest convention, but many veteran attendees (including Maggie Price, who has been there from the very start) attest it was the best. Perhaps the most important measure of the convention’s success, however, is the apparent growth in the sense of community among pastel artists. To witness the connections made between artists was a remarkable thing indeed and we hope this blog will serve as a continuation of the spirit we witnessed in Albuquerque. While there, we invited you to share your photographs of the convention and they’ve already begun to arrive in our PJ inbox. Recognized pastel artist Brenda Mattson shares these fine photos of the Paint-a-Round:

Carole Katchen

Duane Wakeham

To learn more about the artists, click on their names. And if you’d like to share your IAPS photos, thoughts or observations, we welcome you to become a stealth pastel reporter and send them to

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