The Sky’s the Limit (in Pastel)

Murrry_Evening_Clouds.jpgIt’s not only children who like to lie on grass and look up at the sky; artists retain that sense of enchantment. Pastelist Paul Murray, of Santa Fe, works with color complements to render believable what’s almost not—the piercing light over the desert terrain of New Mexico.

“One problem for me in New Mexico, particularly from fall through spring, is the sky after a storm,” he says. “It can be a brilliant blue, which is simply not believable, plus such a color tends to overpower an image. When this happens, I add enough complement to make the sky work for the situation.”

Learn how Murray controls the feel of the sky, as well as the techniques of New York artist Donna Levinstone and Cape May, N.J., denizen Stan Sperlak, in this single article download from The Pastel Journal. At $1.99, the price can’t be beat. And there’s more where that came from—check out other $1.99 single article downloads in our online shop.


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