The Whole Shebang

It’s only a very small and select faction of devoted PJ readers who can claim their magazine collections go all the way back to the very first issue of The Pastel Journal in 1999. And those who can brag of such a collection often guard it closely, citing a strange tendency of prized issues to grow legs and walk away. Until recently, one of the only ways to acquire the oldest back issues was to bid for them on eBay, where a single issue could fetch up to four times its cover price. But, with the advent of digital technology, the game has finally changed. The staff of The Pastel Journal is pleased, thrilled (and even amped!) to be able to offer readers the whole shebang: Every issue of magazine is now available in digital format. And we’ve worked hard to offer you a variety of different ways to enjoy these pastel treasures.

PJ devotees rejoice! Now the comprehensive history of the magazine is just a click or two away–and just in time for the holidays!


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