What Does the Magazine Mean to You?

SillyStaff_300.jpgThe edit team and I have just spent some time sifting through recent reader survey results, and one of the survey questions prompted us to restart a conversation we haven’t had in awhile (that’s us, at left, mid-conversation, from left to right: Sarah, me, our art director Cindy, and Jessica). The discussion is about a little detail called the “tagline.”

A “tagline” is that short, descriptive phrase that appears with the logo on the magazine cover (something like an advertising slogan) and there’s debate over how important it is to have one; most wonder, for instance, if even devoted subscribers can tell you what a magazine’s tagline is. That being said, it is an opportunity to offer potential readers at the newsstands an at-a-glance description of what your magazine is all about.

Right now, our current tagline for The Pastel Journal is “The Magazine for Pastel Artists” and, while this is certainly spot-on, I think it could be improved by telling us more about what the magazine does than who it’s for (since the title of the magazine takes care of that).

What we learned in our survey is that 46% of readers think of the magazine as their “guide to becoming a better artist;” 40% view it as their “source for pastel inspiration;” and 13% as a “celebration of the best in pastel.” So, with this information in hand, we’ve been trying to craft some potential taglines, and we’d love to hear your comments right here on the blog, or email us at pjedit@fwpubs.com.

For your consideration:

a. Your Definitive Source for Pastel Instruction and Inspiration
b. An Artist’s Guide to the Medium
c. Creative Nourishment for Pastel Artists
d. Improve Your Skills. Inspire Your Art.
e. Cultivate and Celebrate Your Passion for Pastel

Tell us which is your favorite. Or, if you have another idea you want to have us consider, go for it. If we choose it, we’ll offer you a new or renewed one-year subscription to the magazine.

And thanks for helping, everyone!

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11 thoughts on “What Does the Magazine Mean to You?

  1. Julia

    As a graphic designer and painter, I like a or e – they should both work graphically, and they have a nicer rhythm poetically than the others….

  2. chris

    PS- i am finding your site loading very very slowly- I have a Mac and am running firefox, i wonder if the mac OS is a culprit? just wanted to let you know- oh and I have verizon dsl as my ISP
    thanks, chris

  3. chris

    Hi-I like "C" creative nourishment for pastel artists because its an interesting line of text – it also invites readers to be nourished or inspired to create-
    I was first exposed to your great magazine though my mentor, Irving Boker. He was a terrific pastelist and I wish I had had more time to study with him. He left this world way too soon.
    Keep up the good work-
    regards, chris taylor http://www.cataylor.com

  4. Nancy Wylie

    I like "E". I remember when the magazine first got started. It was NOT about "how to" stuff, but about the artists and their passion for pastel.

  5. Wendy DeHart

    I really like {c} Creative Nourishment for Pastel Artists. It certainly emcompasses all that I get from the magazine. It continues to be a wonderful resource – I look forward to each issue!

  6. Judy Nachazel

    Inspiration, Information and Instruction for All Skill Levels.

    The Pastel Journal is in a class of it’s own. I remember getting my first magazine at IAPS in Albuquerque, NM when it was first introduced. I have been a subscriber ever since and have thoroughly enjoyed and saved every copy for the inspiration, information and instruction which I pass on to my students.

  7. Gaye Sekula

    I think you should leave the tag line as it is. It sums up all of the other suggested tag lines. If you are settled into those listed, then my vote would be for D.
    By the way, I am an oil painter intrigued by pastels. Your magazine is both beautiful and inspiring. I had to subscribe!