A Sisyphean sketching project

Jason Polan wants to draw every person in New York. In his words:

If you would like to increase the chances of a portrait of YOU
appearing on this blog please email me (art@jasonpolan.com) a street
corner or other public place that you will be standing at for a
duration of two minutes (I will be on the corner of 14th street and 8th
avenue on the North-east corner of the street from 2:42-2:44pm this
Thursday wearing a bright yellow jacket and navy rubber boots, for
example). Please give me more than a 24 hour warning and please make it
a scenario that is not too difficult for you to accomplish (the corner
outside of the store you work at during lunch time, or in front of a
museum you were going to go to on a Saturday) because I may
unfortunately miss you and do not want you to have to invest more than
2 minutes of your time in case I cannot make it. You may or may not see
me drawing you during this time. If I do draw you, you will see
yourself (or rather, a drawing that hopefully somewhat resembles you)
on this blog that evening.

When the project is completed we will all have a get together.

Awesome! Somebody better order sandwiches for 8 million ASAP.

Via Emdashes

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