A Touch of Thiebaud

Lipsticks & Nail Polish #14 (oil, 20 x 20)

Lipstick tubes, handbags, and nail polish bottles. These are
a few of Jeannie Paty’s favorite
things. Many of her objects of visual desire come from raiding her best friends’
closets. Painting professionally for a number of years, Jeannie’s pieces have
garnered some well-deserved attention recently. Her paintings show a great
sense of color and design while offering a playful, contemporary take on an old
master’s genre.


Earlier this year, Paty won high praise from California painter Brian
Blood, who selected her painting Lipsticks & Nail Polish #14 as a finalist
in a national online competition. “I felt Jeannie captured a bit of Wayne
Thiebaud in this one,” Blood noted. “I’m a sucker for well-drafted works with
juicy paint.”

A few weeks ago, another still life by the artist won an
honorable mention at the Salon International show held at Greenhouse Gallery of Fine Art in San Antonio, TX.
To learn more about Jeannie Paty, check out Southwest
June issue. The Colorado-based painter is spotlighted in our Artist
to Watch column.  –Bonnie Gangelhoff

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One thought on “A Touch of Thiebaud

  1. Susan Gutting

    This painting is fun. The perspective is intriguing with the view from above and at an angle. It has a seemingly simple composition, but is not. How do you make lipstick tubes and polish look interesting? This artist succeeded. Great job.