A Tribute to Ann Templeton

We were sorry to hear of the recent passing of Ann Templeton, a well-respected artist who has made wonderful contributions to the art community. We’ve asked her dear friend and colleague, Michael Chesley Johnson, to share a few words in her memory.

“I met Ann at a crucial moment in my art career. I’d decided to go full-time as an artist, but I didn’t have much of a business plan. Ann, who was always generous with her time, steered me in the right direction, educating me on galleries and other important aspects of being a professional artist. She also became my painting mentor, giving me guidance on technique and finding my own style. We became very close, and she chose me to write her first book, Ann Templeton: A Step Beyond. For this 35-year retrospective, I stayed in her guest house in New Mexico. Ruidoso and the Southern Sacramento Mountains were an apple-growing zone, and she called it her “apple house.” We worked 24/7 on the book. She’d stay up late pulling 35mm slides; I’d get up early to catalog them and write captions; and in the times we overlapped, I interviewed her and got to know her even better. She was always someone I consulted when I had a question about a gallery, or about a painting I wasn’t sure about. But I wasn’t her only protégé – she had many who loved her and consulted her. She will be missed in many ways.” — Michael Chesley Johnson

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