Answers to common art copyright questions

Book by its Cover (a fantastic art book blog) recently got lawyer Amy Everhart to answer a bunch of copyright questions. Some of the quandaries:

  • What are the best ways to protect ourselves from being plagiarized when using the internet?
  • What legal protections are given to an artist whose
    non-copyrighted images were stolen?
  • Can an artist legally demand her images be removed from a
    website, even if it’s not being used for monetary gain?
  • What are the steps you should take to confront someone who has
    been selling copies of your drawings online?
  • When using photos for reference to create pieces of art or
    illustration, is there a percentage that has to be different from the
    original photo?
  • How does infringement come into play in the realm of collage?
  • What is the line between homage and infringement?
  • At what point does an image become public domain?

Great questions and great answers. Click through to read the responses! If that’s not enough, The Artist’s Magazine‘s got a big stash of art law questions and answers, too.

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