Antonio López at Christie’s

In our July/August issue we featured Antonio López García’s transcendentally beautiful work (“Reality as Revelation” by Robert K. Carsten). At the most recent Christie’s auction in London, Antonio López’s Madrid desde Torres Blancas sold for $2,760,803—breaking previous records for this Spanish master. Madrid desde Torres Blancas is similar in tone and scope to View of Madrid from the Torres de Bomberos de Vallecas that appears in our article (see page 40 of the July-August issue). 

Antonio García typically spends a decade on a painting. His work is painfully beautiful, as it records shifts in perception, as well as deliquescence, both inevitable with the passage of time. Robert Hughes has called Antonio “the greatest realist artist alive,” and painters everywhere revere him. At a recent opening for Daniel Greene‘s pictures in pastel and oil at Miller Gallery (Daniel E. Greene was our judge in our annual competition’s Still Life category), I ran into Jonathan Queen, a fabulously playful painter, who told me he and the equally talented Emil Robinson (whose portraits appeared in the April 2007 TAM) were planning to make a pilgrimage to Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts to catch the rare retrospective of Antonio’s work on view until July 27th. (As an analogue to that exhibition, the MFA is also showing El Greco to Velásquez: Art During the Reign of Philip III.)

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