Art Crime

Italy is the epicenter for art crime. And art crime is the third-highest-grossing illegal business in the world. Working in the field and with retired F.B.I. agents, students at Noah Charney’s school in Amelia, Italy can become near-experts (earning a master’s degree) in three months. Read about the intriguing international scene—the problem of security at museums, cathedrals, and excavations; the nuances of art law; the practice of looting in broad daylight, and the myriad strategies for recovery and restoration—in “A Master’s in Art Crime (No Cloak and Dagger).” 

And, also in today’s Arts section of The New York Times, Ken Johnson reviews Reconfiguring the Body in American Art, 1820-2009, an exhibition on view at the National Academy Museum through November 15th: “The Human Figure, Dressed up, Down, and Often Not at All.”

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