Art museums hit hard by economy

I’m painfully aware of the woes my own industry is facing, but I’m saddened to see that art museums are cutting back, too.

Just today, the Metropolitan Museum of Art cut 74 positions—that’s on top of another 53 people recently made redundant. The cuts account for 27 percent of its full-time retail staff. The Met anticipates cutting another 10 percent of its entire staff in July—as many as 250 people.

In Ohio, the Toledo Museum of Art is cutting its personnel by 15 percent and asking for pay cuts from senior staff. The Philadelphia Museum of Art cut 30 positions last month, about 7 percent of its administration. The Minneapolis Institute of Arts is also cutting 19 positions and instituting pay cuts, and the Indianapolis Museum of Art is cutting 10 percent of its personnel.

With the exception of the Las Vegas Art Museum, which closed its doors indefinitely last month, and the Chicago Art Institute’s admission hike, it seems museums are preserving current admission rates and not cutting back on programming. Have you hugged your local art museum today?

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One thought on “Art museums hit hard by economy

  1. Tina Steele Lindsey

    I know! What is going on here and all over the world economically is ssoooo000 disturbing (understatement.) Everyone I know has been affected to some degree, but most to a HUGE degree as independent business owners. The ripple affect has not stopped, and right now is unmeasurable. Regarding the last line of this post, HAVE YOU HUGGED YOUR LOCAL ART MUSEUM TODAY? Great line, and yes, certainly because as an artist I have great empathy for what museums and galleries are going through, but to be totally frank here ~ I am hugging myself and my artist friends more!