Art-Smarts Quiz #10

New York has long been considered the center of the art world. But just how well do you know the Big Apple’s storied art history? You get one point for answering each of the following 12 questions correctly. The Bonus question is worth three points, so a perfect score is 15. Good luck!

1. Thomas Hart Benton once taught at the Art Students League in New York, his prize pupil being what celebrated abstract expressionist?

2. That abstract expressionist wed what Brooklyn-born female abstractionist Oct. 25, 1945, at a church at Fifth and 29th (with a janitor as one of the witnesses)?

3. Jasper Johns once lived in the same downtown loft as another pop art giant. Who was that?

4. Andy Warhol had multiple studios in New York. What was the best known of them called?

5. The Ashcan School migrated to New York from what Pennsylvania city?

6. Which patron, who eventually settled in Venice, gave us the groundbreaking gallery Art of This Century?

7. Which of the abstract expressionists—never shy about expressing himself—ran for New York mayor in 1933?

8. What bar was a favorite watering hole of artists in the 1950s?

9. Which Bulgarian-born artist decorated Central Park in 2005 with some help from his wife?

10. What New York-based painter turned filmmaker was up for an Oscar for best director in 2008?

11. What ill-fated painter was given a huge commission to decorate The Four Seasons, a restaurant in the Seagram Building, but had a change of heart after dining there?

12. What graffiti artist sprang to fame in New York the early 1980s, but died of AIDS within a decade at just 31?

BONUS: What noted New York art critic, a big admirer of Willem de Kooning, came up with the idea for Smokey the Bear while at work in advertising?

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Please let us know if you have any suggestions for our puzzle master Larry Humber. E-mail us with "Puzzle" in the subject line.

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