Art-Smarts Quiz #9

The answer to each of the following questions is a word beginning with the letter A. You get one point for answering each of the 12 questions correctly. The Bonus question is worth three points, so a perfect score is 15. Good luck!

1. Jackson Pollock was the most celebrated of the ___ Expressionists.

2. An ___ is a substance that wears away or smooths a surface.

3. Transparent watercolor is known as ___ to the French.

4. The ___ School was a group that included Robert Henri and George Luks.

5. ___ is three-dimensional art often composed of found material.

6. A famous art show that took place in New York in 1913 was the ___ Show.

7. Synthetic paints are better known as ___.

8. ___ is a stone used by sculptors.

9. Art that is ahead of its time is known as ___-___.

10. A famous Picasso painting is called Les Demoiselles d’___.

11. ___ Neel was a celebrated female portraitist.

12. The French call a workshop or studio an ___.

BONUS: Picasso pal Guillaume ___ was perhaps the first modern art critic. (No points unless you can spell it correctly!)

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