Answers to Art-Smarts Quiz #5

1. Papier-mache means "chewed paper" and refers to a construction made of paper and wet paste.

2. Conte is a drawing crayon named for Nicolas-Jacques Conte.

3. Bas-relief is a low relief.

4. Cerise is French for cherry.

5. Aquarelle is watercolor.

6. Section d’or is the golden ratio.

7. Objets trouves are found objects.

8. A croquis is a quick sketch.

9. An oeuvre is a life’s work.

10. A cloison is a partition or wall.

11. Metier is an artist’s specialty.

12. Trompe l’oeil means "fools the eye."

BONUS: Retirage is the pulling of a second print without re-inking the plate.

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