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Years ago (how many? I won’t say…) I signed up for my first email account, giving it a colorful, personal name (my dog in this case) as so many of us do. At first I gave it out every chance I had – signing up for every conceivable newsletter that I came across in my internet browsing. I soon realized which topics and messages were junk and subsequently unsubscribed; only to keep reading those that either had relevant coupon offers, or just stuff that I was truly interested in. I’ll admit that my local pizza place is still on the list, along with a few hobby-related newsletters that always seem to either teach me something or inspire me to have some fun doing what I like to do.

But that’s enough about me…you’re likely here because you’re an artist, and so I’d like to invite you (if you’ve not done so yet) to subscribe to one of the Fine Art Community newsletters that I’m proud to support. The Artist’s Magazine sends one out every other week; each one has interesting stories, new tips and ideas, and beautiful images. Also available are medium-relevant newsletters by Watercolor Artist and The Pastel Journal.

Since you’re reading this blog now, you may have noticed that we have a link on this page where interested folks can sign up for our newsletter from The Artist’s Magazine. It doesn’t cost anything, and you even receive a free downloadable chapter from The Creative Edge by Mary Todd Beam.

Feel free to post back, and let me know about newsletters you love to read – new, old, art-related, pizza-related…join the conversation!


Happy reading,

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