Art That Makes You Think (Twice)

When I opened the pages of Strokes of Genius 4, The Best of Drawing: Line and saw Splash (below; graphite pencil and watercolor on paper, 16×24) by Ljubica Fa-Hardi, it appeared that perhaps face paint or Kool-Aid had splashed the subject–this little girl with a squinched face. But upon reading the artist’s description, I learned that the colorful splotches were an addition to the well-executed drawing.

Splash by Fa-Hardi Ljubica

Splash (graphite pencil and watercolor on paper, 16×24) by Ljubica Fa-Hardi

“I often approach portraiture as though the person portrayed is aware of being graphite on paper and can respond to rips and wrinkles in the paper just as a person might respond to a loud sound or bright light,” says Ljubica. “The paper can also respond to the portrait–in this case the crinkled paper relates to the wrinkled squint my three-year-old daughter makes in anticipation of the camera’s flash. Her expression could also be a response to the watercolor that I flung at the picture. After the investment of time and feeling in the graphite portrait, it felt very risky to crumple and splash the drawing, but I did it anyway.”

Striking Perspective by Venkatachari_Ranjini, colored pencil

Striking Perspective (colored pencil, 17×22) by Ranjini Venkatachari

Striking Perspective (above; colored pencil, 17×22) by Ranjini Venkatachari is another example of an artist trying something different than what’s normally expected in a drawing, and taking a risk to do just that. Ranjini says, “As in life’s events every line takes its own meaning.”

I love seeing boldness in others! And beyond having the courage to fling paint across her drawing, Ljubica believed in her work and entered it into the Strokes of Genius art competition. The rest is history. Her work appears with the likes of Myrna Wacknov, Lea Colie Wight, Gerald Brommer and more. Now is your opportunity to enter your best drawings in Strokes of Genius 6. The theme this year is Value: Lights and Darks, and the deadline is in two days. Click here to see the prospectus, get more details, and enter today so that you don’t miss the chance to share your work with our team of editors and get published.

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