Art-Themed Reality Show Kicks Off

                        Work of Art: The Next Great Artist, a reality show with host China Chow

Painters. Filmmakers. Sculptors. Printmakers. On June 9, a
flock of 14 hip-looking, mostly young artists come together for the debut of a
new Bravo television reality program, Work
of Art: The
Next Great Artist
Following in the footsteps of such hits as Top
Chef and Project Runway, the cable station, in conjunction with actress
Sarah Jessica Parker’s production company, promises to offer viewers a slice of
the artist’s life and creative process. Each hour long show in the series challenges
participants to fashion a piece that displays their imaginations and technical

Similar to Top Chef, the
artist’s concoctions are rated by a panel of judges. The “experts” declare a
winner based on who successfully masters the assigned subject matter and has the
greatest impact. Judges include Bill Powers, a New York Gallery owner, Jerry
Saltz, art critic for New
magazine, and Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn, a New York gallery owner.

The majority of contenders are in their 20s and 30s, emerging or mid-career artists.
The grand prize is a solo show at the Brooklyn Museum
and $100,000. The new cable program is either a stroke of genius that will help
educate people about art or, as one naysayer grumbled in an online comment,
“The only good this show will do is to become the next thing serious artists
begin making fun of in their own art.” Stay tuned. –Bonnie Gangelhoff


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