Art Tip File: Use Design When Painting

Think in Terms of Design
“I think of what Massachusetts artist Charlie Movalli once said to me—that it’s important to have a feeling for your subject, but that you have to take the next step and analyze the subject in design terms: shape, pattern of values, movement, color. If you take care of business in the design area, you probably won’t fall into the trap of conveying too much sentiment.” ~ Bill Teitsworth from the January/February 2012 issue of The Artist’s Magazine (Let It Snow! When the weather outside is frightful, painting snow is just delightful. William Hosner, T. Allen Lawson, Colleen Howe, Bill Teitsworth and Stephen Quiller share tips for depicting the quintessential winter landscape.).

Art Tip File: Use Design When Painting Bill Teitsworth acrylic artist

Sundown, Gardner Road (acrylic, 6×8) by Bill Teitsworth

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