Artist draws newspaper’s front page

Turkish artist Serkan Özkaya drew the front page of the April 10 edition of the Louisville, KY, Courier-Journal by hand.

It was part of a partnership with a local arts organization and took a crew of art students.

“After Courier-Journal
designers finished the page, Özkaya and his volunteer team of five
University of Louisville fine art students—Hallie Jones, Roea
Wallace, Alexia Serpentini, Seth Farnack and Collin Lloyd—went to
work with pencils and tracing paper to copy every word, image and
headline. Özkaya recreated most of the photos himself. The hand-drawn
page was then scanned to a metal printing plate and sent through the
presses in the usual way.

in truth, the replica page is art, but not an original. It is a copy of an original that is itself a copy of another original.”

See the full page here, close up.

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