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Shaun Horne isn’t afraid of a little cold weather. In fact, the extreme plein-air painter regularly braves frigid temperatures to capture snow-capped mountains in his hometown of Crested Butte, CO. For wintery occasions, Shaun dons what he calls a “dork suit”—a one-piece ski suit large enough to put a down coat and layers of fleece underneath it. Shaun says “dork suits” are easy to find at thrift stores in ski resorts like Crested Butte. But the painter’s most treasured gear is his hefty paratrooper boots. “I’ve got white ones I call my “Minnie Mouse” boots and black ones I call “Mickey Mouse” boots. They are super-warm. Traditional boots aren’t good enough for standing still in the show.”

Shaun advises hearty souls who want to try his daunting brand of plein-air work to remember that if they keep their bodies warm, they can go with a lighter glove on their painting hand to retain dexterity. Because he paints unusually large canvases while on location, he also has designed an oversized palette for the extra paint he needs.

This summer Shaun welcomes the Rocky Mountain Plein Air Painters to the popular ski resort for the group’s annual paint-out and show July 8-18. Members’ paintings will be on display at Oh-Be-Joyful Gallery, which he owns. Shaun says he named the gallery after a scenic Crested Butte valley and trail of the same name. To learn more about Shaun Horne, pick up a copy of the June issue of Southwest Art. –Bonnie Gangelhoff

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