is live!

We just launched, a site chockablock with instructional videos from leading contemporary artists, such as recent Artist’s Magazine contributors M. Katherine Hurley and Costa Vavagiakis.

Members can view videos 24/7 from any computer with a high-speed internet connection—no software downloads required. You can buy access to a single workshop video, or if you want an all-access pass, you can subscribe to all video workshops for
six months. You can preview the videos for free before you buy, so check out the site today!

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5 thoughts on “ is live!

  1. Teresa

    I was very excited to see the news about this site in my e-mail! The only hard part is deciding whether to sub to a couple or all of them. :>

    I do have a question (that I couldn’t find the answer to at the site): each workshop video shows the materials you’ll need to follow the lesson from start to finish, right? It seems likely that it would, but just double checking. Thanks!