New Book by Collaborative Artists Scherer and Ouporov

(above; egg tempera, acrylic and gold leaf on birch, 30×24) by Suzanne Scherer and Pavel Ouporov graces the cover of their new book, As Above, So Below: Recent Work by Scherer and Ouporov, published by the Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art at Auburn University with a comprehensive essay by Dennis Harper, Curator of Collection and Exhibitions.

The Artist’s Magazine featured Scherer and Ouporov in an article titled “Two Roads Converge,” by Ruth K. Meyer. The following is an excerpt:

Scherer, a New York native went to Moscow searching for the intensive figurative art training she hadn’t found in her American colleges. After seeing an exhibition in New York City from the Russian Academy of Arts, she wanted the rigorous classical instruction and advanced skills in human anatomy that the Russian artists demonstrated. Assisted by an international exchange program in 1989, Scherer became the first American artist to be officially accepted into the V. Surikov Moscow State Academy Art Institute during the Soviet period. In the classroom she met fellow artist Pavel Ouporov, who had won a highly competitive place in the Russian state art school system when he was 11 years old. Although neither spoke the other’s language, they were soon communicating through drawings and by painting on top of one another’s paintings.

To read more about how Scherer and Ouporov, and how they infuse age-old egg tempera techniques and iconography with their contemporary vision, click here and order your copy of the November 2009 issue of The Artist’s Magazine.

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