Awesomely weird art supplies

Hey all! Sorry about being a lame blogger lately! (It’s funny how when you return from a vacation, everything seems normal and then BAM! you’re hit with a ton of things to do.)

So to make it up to you, I share this link: American Science & Surplus, the weirdest, wackiest mail order catalog you’ll ever receive. I don’t know where or how they obtain all the weird things they sell, but I highly recommend them. (Reading the descriptions of the products is half the fun.)

I ordered a bunch of stuff from them for making Christmas presents last year—I gave coworkers sets of organic loose tea in glass test tubes! They have art supplies, too. Need a pencil torch for etching things? Dental tools for your pottery? A brush holder for your brushes? Fabric dye for batiking? Geodes just for the heck of it? You are totally set.

If you live in the Chicago or Milwaukee area, you can go to one of their stores in person. And if you do, you must report back and tell me about it!

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One thought on “Awesomely weird art supplies

  1. Teresa

    I’ve ordered from them before! Funny you should mention dental tools because that’s one of the things I bought from them (and test tubes, and Ehrlenmyer flasks…etc). 😉 The catalog is lots of fun to read. Ds#1 enjoys it as much as I do.