Balancing Opaque With Transparent

It’s important to me for a painting’s evolutionary process to remain visible in the final work. To achieve this, I apply paint to the canvas in three ways, each with its own purpose and effect:

  • I use thick, opaque slabs of color when I want to obliterate all of the underlying color. This method also creates hard edges and makes complementary and analogous colors resonate when they’re placed side by side.
  • I use opaque color thinned to translucent layers of paint in selected areas to bring hues and values closer together. These layers are thin enough to allow the underlying colors to show through—which helps create interesting effects—yet still thick enough for brushstrokes to remain evident.
  • I also use glazes to add intensity or to tone down my colors in both light and dark areas of a painting. Unlike my use of thin, transparent layers of paint, my glazes carry no visible brushstrokes.

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