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The Bikini Lines Production Team is an artistic venture inspired by the lack of standardized nuclear disaster reporting. Founded in early 2011 by Christian Forestell, Chad Parrish and Patrick McWilliams, the team proposed an ambition plan to create and produce unique CC-licensed media based on the core tenets of art, adventure, collaboration and documentation. Bikini Lines will embark on the mission of creating the world’s largest painting, one that surpasses the grandiose record holder of 86,000 square feet. Once completed, the proposed 96,600 square foot masterpiece will be viewable via Google Earth.

The canvas for this painting is the Cactus Dome, located on the sublimely-remote Runit Island in the Pacific Ocean. Erected by the United States Military between 1977-1980, the dome shelters roughly 111,000 cubic yards of radio active debris from the Bikini and surrounding Atoll islands, which was contaminated during the U.S. Military’s nuclear testing period from 1942 to 1962. The debris resets in a nuclear-blast crater created by the test-explosion of the Cactus Bomb.

Cactus Dome

The Cactus dome (right) on Runit Islant

Largely forgotten, the Cactus Dome has long been declared safe, but was off limits until now. With special permission from the Marshallese government, Bikini Lines has adopted a crowd-sourced approach to the design, painting and documentation of this project. All artists, photographers, writers, filmmakers, financial backers, producers and corporate sponsors are invited to become involved. Current design submissions for the Cactus Dome project can be viewed here.

Cactus Dome (ground view)

Additionally, the Bikini Lines Production Team will produce a feature-length documentary about the design and painting process for the Cactus Dome. Donations are accepted; all proceeds from the documentary will go to the Ashinaga Foundation, a non-governmental organization that cares for orphans of natural disasters. Founders hope to raise a substantial amount of money for benefit of the Japanese children orphaned in the earthquake and tsunamis of March 2011.

Artists, photographers and writer/bloggers, who are interested in becoming involved with the Bikini Lines Production Team can submit their designs/proposals here:




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