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Make Your Marketing
Learn the secrets of earning money and gaining recognition doing what you love—creating art—with W. Joe Innis’ free online book How to Become a Famous Artist and Still Paint Pictures. Innis, an international artist and national columnist, gives you the goods on making your art your business. This Authors Guild Edition has 240 pages packed with straightforward, useful tips on everything from painting to money and fame. You can download excerpts from the book for free at

Making It on the Road
Dori and Joe DeCamillis would do anything to make a living from their art. Anything—even selling most of their belongings, buying a 1968 Ultra Van II motor home and moving to California to realize their dream. The Freeway tells the story of their three years on the road, the people they met along the way and their missteps and misadventures into the world of outdoor art fairs. Written in journal form, Dori’s voice pulls you into her and Joe’s lives as she describes their sometimes desperate acts to stay afloat financially, emotionally and artistically.

“I highly recommend this book to anyone who’s ever wondered what it takes to become a successful artist on the art festival circuit,” says artist Patrick Seslar, a regular at outdoor art festivals. “This book is at times funny, touching, surprising and frank, and always a page-turner. It’s a must read for both aspiring and seasoned artists.

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