Build your own sketchbook

While going through my favorite blogs this week, I came across a link to this artist’s description of her sketching arsenal.

Martha of Trumpetvine Travels has developed specific tastes in art materials, from a specific fountain pen to a style of sketchbook. She rebinds her Moleskine notebooks to replace the paper that comes in them with watercolor paper.

(You can also have a look at a step-by-step demonstration of how she sketches, with details on what paints she uses.)

I’ve never been a painter, but I do like to doodle and write lots of notes. For that, I built my own sketchbook, which you can see at right. Inside is a mix of lots of random sheets of paper. They are bound in a Coptic style, very similar to the way Martha does hers. Check out her detailed instructions on rebinding to give it a try yourself!

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