Cash for art

I think you can tell we’re in a recession simply by the number of we-buy-houses signs and trade-in-your-gold ads you see. I don’t want to post the actual video in this post, lest it seem like an endorsement by me, but here’s a link to an ad so ridiculous, it’s practically self-parodying. (Actual quote from MC Hammer: “I can get cash for this gold medallion of me wearing a gold medallion!”)

But this is a new one: Cash For Your Warhol.

No one can help you sell your Warhol fast like Cash For Your Warhol™! Sell your print or painting for cash regardless of the size, price, or condition. Cash For Your Warhol™ has been in business for several months so you can concentrate on moving on with your life.

ARTINFO reports the site is the creation of Boston artist Geoff Hargadon, who’s made a point of hanging the signs around Brandeis’s Rose Art Museum, which announced plans to sell off its collection earlier this year.

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