Chuck McLachlan’s Dedication to Art Education

At 78 years of age, fine artist Chuck McLachlan continues to teach workshops in assisted living homes to encourage others. “Painting stimulates the brain. I like to help the residents, to help keep their minds going,” he says.

Chuck McLachlan's Art Demo

Knowing that there’s always something new to learn, McLachlan continues to take workshops as well. “There were times when I thought I knew everything, only to realize that I didn’t know anything,” he humbly said.

The Shepherdress by Chuck McLachlan

McLachlan grew up during the Depression and worked in a sign shop where he swept floors until his mentors began teaching him how to paint the backs of signs, then the fronts, how to do lettering and then how to creature portraits. Eventually he was on his own and was hired to paint the first Marlboro man. “I was in heaven. It was a thrill to see my work on billboards all over the place,” he recalls.

In addition to watercolor, McLachlan also works in oil, pastel and graphite. See his work at —C.H.

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