Cincinnati’s snow day

The Artist’s Magazine’s offices were closed yesterday, as it was illegal to be on the roads in the city. We got probably 8 inches of snow over two days, with an interlude of ice rain, as you can see in the archaeological evidence from excavating my car:

Driving hazards aside, it’s really beautiful out:

I feel bad for the over-eager trees, though:

Those little buds are goners, for sure. Anybody else get hit by the big storm?

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3 thoughts on “Cincinnati’s snow day

  1. Alan G

    The ‘ice’ just barely missed us here in Little Rock, Arkansas but just a few miles north till you hit the Missouri border the state was devastated with up to 3" of ice. Entire small towns are still without power and several areas may be without for several weeks.

    There are some awesome photos floating around reflecting the beauty of the ice, but ‘beauty’ sometimes does have a dark side.

  2. Michael Warth

    Oh yeah…Chillicothe (40 miles south of Columbus, Ohio) got it too. We only got 4 – 6 inches but we did get 1/2" of ice putting Ross County in a level 3.

    Great pictures of the ice…isn’t it pretty? I was hoping to get out to do some plein air paintings but I don’t want to sit in the cold that bad.