Covington, KY: Artisans Enterprise Center 2012 Call to Artists

The Covington (Kentucky) Artisans Enterprise Center, a fabulous, vast, not-for-profit space, has issued its 2012 call to artists. You can propose a show of your own work or you can propose a group show that you’d put together. In the last years, many prominent artists have made brilliant use of the space; here’s a short list: Anthony Becker, Deborah Morrissey McGoff, Kim Krause, Diane Fishbein, Debbie Brod, Jill Rowinski, and Jamie Markle. The director of the Covington Artisans Center, Natalie Bowers, is a joy to work with. This call to artists is a wonderful opportunity that I hope you’ll take advantage of. ~Maureen Bloomfield

The Orange Veil by Amy Greene-Miyakawa (June 2010 AEC Exhibition)

Indian Boys by Michael Wilson (December 2010 AEC Exhibition)

Untitled by Samantha Roberts (April 2009 AEC Exhibition)

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