Creative Things to Do Before You Die

You’re an artist. Now, live up to that name by making your life an artistic adventure. Seize opportunities at every turn. Take risks. Don’t wait for inspiration to come knocking. Instead, live the inspired life you’ve always dreamed of. And for heaven’s sake, get off the couch! Here are a few things every artist should do once in his or her life. Checking them off your creative to-do list will not only expand your creativity, but it’ll take you on one heck of a ride.

No. 1: Paint on the steps of the Grand Canal in Venice, the Colosseum in Rome or Montmartre in Paris.

No. 7: Draw up the plans for your dream studio.

No. 13: Design your own note cards and use them regularly.

No. 19: Invite a few artist friends to your house and spend a day creating a mural on one of your walls.

Beth Derringer-Keith is an assistant editor for The Artist’s Magazine and Artist’s Sketchbook.

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