The Artist’s Magazine Crossword Puzzle #1


1 Mix
4 Emotion
8 The French word for lake
(or 22 Down’s state spelled backwards)
9 Lifelike
10 Without hue
11 Kind of artist’s brush
13 Complete
15 Ill-fated, like Vincent van Gogh
18 Look hard
19 One who restores old paintings
21 Objects, documents and the like
pertaining to our land
23 Cezanne supposedly said, “Monet is just an ___.”
24 Epitome
25 Artist’s support


1 Symmetry
2 ___ painting is also known as hot wax painting
3 Engraver Albrecht ___
4 White gems, made famous by Vermeer’s girl
5 Snip
6 International: abbr.
7 Recess for a statue or vase
12 Apprentices
14 Like Kandinsky or Picasso’s first wife
16 His art comes in boxes
17 You can also ___ off paint with a palette knife
18 Kind of white (or, a word meaning oddball)
20 Rub out
22 Pop painter Ruscha, and namesakes

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