The Artist’s Magazine Crossword Puzzle #11

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Note to solvers: All 9-letter answers include the name of a painter’s main tool.

1 Brownish yellow
4 Flip-flop
8 In his hit “Vincent,” Don McLean sings, “This world was never meant for one as beautiful as ___”
9 To refresh one’s memory is to ___ ___ ___ something
10 Not sharpened
11 An ancient unit of measure
13 What artists are said to do (many don’t eat well)
15 Positioned again on a wall
18 Forgeries
19 Cowhide
21 The state flower of Nevada
23 Paint still preferred by many artists
24 The Ashcan School members were from Philly but became New ___
25 Nude

1 Vincent spent time in several
2 In baseball, a pitch meant to move a batter off the plate
3 Smear: 2 wds.
4 Pointed brushes
5 Painting medium in which the pigment is suspended
6 Tear
7 Surrealist Max ___ was briefly wed to Peggy Guggenheim
12 The distinctive manner in which an artist applies paint
14 Observable
16 Mixed up
17 Landscapists can’t help but include them
18 Meticulous
20 Pale
22 7 Down’s native land: abbr.

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