The Artist’s Magazine Crossword Puzzle #12

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Note to solvers: All 9-letter words are anagrams of famous artists’ names.

1 The ___ point is the center of interest in a work
4 Lack of harmony
8 Campbell’s soup container (made famous by Warhol)
9 BRAND TERM unscrambled is what celebrated painter?
10 Models
11 French group that included Bonnard and Vuillard
13 Josef ___ was devoted to the square
15 Editions
18 An artist’s representative
19 Modernist ___ O’Keeffe
21 DO GROW TAN is a well-known American artist
23 Fluxus artist and Beatle spouse Yoko ___
24 Substances such as wax that protect a surface
25 Out of practice (or, corroded)

1 An intense purplish red
2 LETS BACON is a revered landscapist
3 Sizable
4 Pink
5 Shrivels
6 Possess
7 Belongs to a certain period of time, ___ from
12 BOIS ROUGE is a noted female artist, born in Paris
14 Turns
16 Dark
17 Inuit abodes
18 Tool for boring holes in wood
20 Customized, made-to-___
22 Buffalo-born painter Reinhardt, and namesakes

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