The Artist’s Magazine Crossword Puzzle #17

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1 Drew
5 ___ Chagall
9 Cubist Fernand ___
10 ___ O’Keeffe
11 A binder derived from milk
12 Antique
14 Alizarin crimson is similar to rose ___
16 Part of the eye
19 Colors
21 A ___ l’oeil painting looks like the real thing
24 Florentine painter Paolo ___
25 Edition
26 A ___ chisel is used in woodcarving
27 Matures

1 ___screens are used in printmaking
2 Home of the Tates
3 Arch
4 Delacroix in the Louvre
6 Cherub
7 Carbon used for drawing
8 Series of lessons
13 Sunday painters?
15 Support for artists
17 Thick application of paint
18 Brush mark
20 Another name for mother-of-pearl
22 A kind of green
23 Thick, colorless mediums

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