The Artist’s Magazine Crossword Puzzle #8

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1 A dark red color (or a wine)
5 Disney who gave us Goofy and the gang
9 A ___nail is a small sketch
10 Having little or no color
11 A ___ image is a reverse image
12 Canvas material
14 ___cloth is used to wipe plates
16 Cezanne said, "Treat nature in terms of the cylinder, the ___ and the cone"
19 Kind of ink
21 Valiant
24 Subject for Cezanne (think of the beach)
25 Masks
26 Reverberate (or, the nymph who fell for Narcissus)
27 Italian city known as the "cradle of the Renaissance"

1 The action of acid eating into metal
2 Fixed method of doing things
3 It may be burnt or raw
4 Patrons
6 Something worn to protect one’s clothes
7 Gifted
8 A coarsely woven cloth
13 Quick drawing
15 Placed in water until wet through
17 Number of prints pulled from a plate
18 Sculptor’s tool
20 Like Hals or Rembrandt
22 Thomas Cole and the Hudson ___ School
23 Ireland is known as "The Emerald ___"

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