Daily Painting Revisited

Last fall, The Artist’s Magazine included a piece on Duane Keiser’s painting-a-day blog. He aims to create a small-scale work every day and puts them up on eBay, where they fetch quite a few pretty pennies. (If you missed it, you can read the whole story in the September 2006 issue, for sale here.)

Other artists got inspired. The Daily Painters Art Gallery, founded last September by Micah Condon, now showcases more than 120 artists.
They must maintain a painting blog, updated at least a few times a week with new pieces, for a few months before applying. After they’re accepted, their work appears on the site in the daily update with information on the artist and how to buy the piece. Most days there are upwards of 50 new paintings for sale, almost all smaller than a square foot.

It seems like a great exercise in technique and discipline. Have you tried daily painting? Do you think you could keep it up?

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