Dreaming of Prague

I fell in love with Prague the first time I saw a photograph of the looming statues in the mists enveloping Charles Bridge. My brother Kevin, whose business requires that he travel all around the world, has often told me how beautiful Prague is. Thus, when Nan Sinton, who is the mastermind behind the ever-popular Horticulture Magazine tours, suggested Prague as the destination for The Artist’s Magazine’s first-ever art tour, I was thrilled. Prague has everything: Gothic cathedrals, Baroque palaces, stately gardens perfect to sketch and paint in, an Old Town and a New Town, and— not incidentally—fabulous public and private collections of art ranging from Etruscan to Renaissance,  Mannerism to Modernism, Art Nouveau, and Expressionism.

Prague was home to Kafka, Schiele, and Smetana; Mozart conducted the first performance of Don Giovanni there (and we’ve got tickets for a performance in the same opera house, where Milos Forman actually filmed Amadeus). I can’t wait to go! Up until now my favorite cities have been Paris, New York, Florence, Venice, London, and Nice; I have a feeling I’ll have to revise the list come October.

Please consider joining Nan Sinton and me on our 9-day tour (October 3-11 2007) of Prague; we’d love to have your company! To learn more about the tour, call toll-free 800/422-2550 or e-mail arttours@fwpubs.com. And please tell me your favorite places in Prague or any other traveler’s tips by writing a comment below.

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