(e)merge Art Fair Focuses on New Artists

Girl on Blue by Katie Miller (oil on panel) Courtesy *gogo art projects/Conner Contemporary Art, Washington, DC

“(e)merge will be like a flash mob for emerging art,” says Leigh Conner, co-founder of Conner Contemporary in Washington, D.C.. “Our goal is to create a place of energy and discovery for emerging artists, collectors, curators, gallerists and those who want to experience the raw creative power of emerging art and artists. Most importantly, (e)merge is conceived to honor and celebrate artists, their work and the creative process.”  The art world will get a fresh outlook from many new artists and galleries at the (e)merge Art Fair  Sept. 22-25, 2011 at the Morris Lapidus-designed Capitol Skyline Hotel in Washington, D.C.. The event will take place on the National Mall, surrounded by historical and renowned cultural institutions that are among the most visited in the entire world.

(e)merge organizers also announced the release of a web-based map, Mapping the World of Emerging Art, to provide a snapshot of the world community of art. When visiting the website artists, gallerists, curators, arts professionals, or collectors who work with or support emerging art, can identify their city to create a marker on the world map.

“While the strongest artistic voices do respond to today’s culture, work that distinguishes itself cannot be pigeonholed into trends of the moment, rather it leads us to see the world in new ways,” said Kristin Hileman, Curator at the Baltimore Museum of Art.



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