Experimenting with encaustic painting

Last week I got to spend some time in our photo studio with artist Gina Adams as she filmed some promos for R&F Encaustics. R&F owner Jim Haskin helped introduce me to the whole encaustic method, and I was absolutely captivated.

Gina first did a demo on how to paint with oil sticks, and then got into the basics of painting with encaustics, pigmented wax blocks that you melt on a heated palette and apply with brushes. Totally cool. Gina had never been in front of a camera before, but by the end of the morning she was an old pro.

I was afraid of making a mess on the palette, but apparently you’re supposed to get wax everywhere. There are untinted wax blocks that serve as a medium, so you can extend a color and increase transparency.

Encaustic painting is thousands of years old, but a lot of modern artists are reinventing the medium. Like our November 2008 Artist of the Month, Sheary Clough Suiter, and Patricia Seggebruch, who wrote Encaustic Workshop, a great book I reviewed in The Artist’s Magazine a while back. Looks like I’ve got yet another project on my to-do list…

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