I’ve been intrigued by optical illusions since I was a kid. Here’s a striking painting by Victor Vasarely titled Vega-Nor, 1969 (oil on canvas). The exhibition “Op Art Revisited: Selections from the Albright-Knox Art Gallery” will be showcased at the Albright-Knox in Buffalo, New York, July 18 through January 25, 2009.

By the way, the Albright-Knox Art Gallery has a truly fantastic collection of modern and contemporary art. Click here to read a history of Op art by Associate Curator Holly E. Hughes.

To enjoy a fun visual feast, check out Michael Bach’s website featuring 78 Optical Illusions & Visual Phenomena.

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One thought on “Eye-Opener

  1. Nita

    I love optical illusions, too. Quite a few years ago I saw an awesome exhibit of Victor Vasarely’s work at a gallery in Chicago. Every piece looked as though it had a light illuminating it from within. Very impressive.