Today is my final day with The Artist’s Magazine and I’ll miss it tremendously—not only being surrounded by art each day which is truly a gift, but also the people here who care about the magazine and the quality of the work they do. It’s been a long, winding journey that began with my start on a now-folded decorative painting magazine. The tally of magazine titles probably adds up to eight, including brief stints at Pastel Journal and Watercolor Magic. But it was on TAM that I finally felt at home.

Art’s in my blood. When I was very young, I found a still life of that my dad had painted. It wasn’t quite the caliber of art that we feature in the magazine, but it amazed me that he had painted it, and it seemed incredible that a person could capture something on canvas that they saw in their heart and mind. There’s something really miraculous about that.

Without getting too much more sappy, I bid you goodbye and I wish you all the best.

Lisa Wurster, associate editor

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