Frame Bumpers

To separate stacked, already-framed paintings in my studio, I use pre-slit foam insulating pipe covers found at my local hardware store. The pipe covers are inexpensive and provide the perfect amount of space between each painting to prevent scratches and dings. To use, I simply cut the tubing into 3- to 4-inch lengths and slip the slit side over the frame edge, one on either side of a piece.

I also use the pipe cover tubing when shipping my paintings to exhibitions. In this case, I cut tubing to fit each side of my work, and cover the entire circumference of the frame.

When building a new shipping crate, I glue a whole tube onto each of the four sides inside the crate (including the lid), then simply drop the painting into its cushy temporary home.

Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Dr. James W. Brown is a self-taught artist who began painting with watercolors in 1981. Five years ago, he branched out and began working with pastel. He credits studying the works of his favorite artists—Monet and Degas—with heightening his love of painting light and color. His most recent showing was in the International Association of Pastel Society’s 1999 Exhibition in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Brown currently resides in San Antonio, Texas, where he maintains a private practice in family and cosmetic dentistry.

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