Free Yourself From Brushes

I enjoy a more spontaneous style of painting in which I use other means—not brushes—to lay down layers of acrylics, watercolors and inks. One of the paint application methods I use is to spray colors onto my painting surface. Spraying may seem like a simple exercise, but I use a number of variations, depending on the effect I want to achieve. For example, I use a trigger sprayer to drench the paper with color. If I want a finer mist, I turn to an atomizer, such as a hair spray container with a pump atomizer or a mouth atomizer. I also pour or squirt color from plastic squeeze bottles with nozzle applicators. These are great because I can even draw with the pointed applicator tip. I even use a syringe or an eyedropper for smaller areas of dispersed color. These various methods all add exciting texture to my work.

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