From the Farm to the Web

Farm-Friendly Art
This year’s Farm Aid calendar gets straight to the point with watercolor farm scenes for every month. The 16-month wall calendar, from September 1999 through December 2000, features paintings by Vermont artist Katherine Montstream in a 22×24-inch format. Willie Nelson, Neil Young and John Mellencamp started Farm Aid 14 years ago to raise awareness and funds for struggling family farms. The nonprofit charity has raised $14.5 million for more than 100 farm organizations, churches and rural service agencies in 44 states. The Farm Aid 2000 calendar is available for wholesale and retail sale. Individual calendars sell for $20. To purchase a calendar, call 800/FARM-AID or write to Farm Aid, P.O. Box 228, Champaign IL 61824. Web site:

After a career in marketing and advertising, Karen Eve Friedland studied interior design at the Pratt Institute, then pursued her interest in art privately through studies with a number of well-known instructors, including Miles Batt, Paul St. Denis, Katherine Chang Liu and William Herring. Over the past 15 years, her career has flourished, and her paintings have won numerous award in juried exhibitions. Now based in Brooklyn, New York, Friedland is a member of the Northwest Pastel Society, the Oklahoma Watercolor society and the Watercolor Society of Alabama. She’s also a signature member of the Pacific Art League and the Northwest Watercolor Society.


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