Get Ahead in Your Career

Competition is stiff; gallery directors are busy; artists are sometimes conflicted—finding a good gallery is a difficult task. As part of our continuing series of online seminars, Kristin Hoerth, editor-in-chief of Southwest Art, will guide you toward making good choices and good impressions. Join her (and Jennifer Lepore and me) next week on Tuesday, at 1:00 EST, for an online seminar, Guide to Professional Etiquette for Artists: finding and landing a gallery.

In this seminar you’ll learn:

• How to choose the right galleries to approach
• What kinds of materials galleries like to receive
• The proper format for submitting your work
• Whether you should visit a gallery in person
• How and when to follow up with a gallery

Class size is limited,
because these online seminars are interactive, so sign up now for Guide to Professional Etiquette for Artists.

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